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Tau Ceti
Class G8.5V
R A 26.02136459
Decl -15.93955572
Distance 3.65
Planets: 5 Age: 5.8 billion
Distance from Zeta Reticuli: 32.7
Tau Ceti has 5 planets, 2 of which are in the habitable zone, even if “just”.
Planets b, c, and d are rocky inner planets with “d” being at 0.35AU.
Planet “e” is just at the inner edge of the habitable zone at around 0.55AU. It receives about 1.7 times the solar radiation that Earth does, so it is a very warm planet; surface temp around 70 C (150F). With an average temp like that, there are certainly areas where the temperatures are quite Earth like.
Planet f is also a very good candidate for life. At the outer edge of the HZ the planet is 1.35AU from the star, and thus is rather cold. The average surface temperature is -40C (-40F), so there is very likely areas much warmer, and a slightly denser atmosphere could warm the planet to conditions not unlike Earth.
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