I arrived in this world in April 1947, at a hospital in Lynwood, California. I was “raised” like any other Terrestrial child, but, “strange” things began to occur sometime during my fourth year.

In the Summer of 1951, while staying at my grandparents farm on the central California Coast, A UFO appeared over the “back 40” every day for about a week Family stories include what appeared to be an “open door” n the side. On the objects last day; I “vanished” for some 5 – 6 hours. Since there was an Uncle living close, he was called and arrived with his kids to form a search party. They searched, to no avail for several hours; I returned, on my own, at the end of the day.

I spent much of the next 20 years as a fairly “normal” Terrestrial Human. Around the time I was discharged from the Air Force, and re-entered college; I took up the study of Western Ceremonial Magick, via the writings of Aleister Crowley and others. I finished college in the mid 1970’s  and entered the “work force” as an Electrical Engineer.

I was fortunate enough to work on some rather important projects during my career. The first was a small “Silicon Valley” company; we “built” the first production line “testers” for Integrated Circuits as complex as microprocessors. This allowed for mass production of these central computer components, and has allowed the computer to be ubiquitous today.

The second important project was the first successful IBM-PC Clone. While I was only employed as a “contractor”; I was responsible for parts of the system BIOS, graphics system, and most of the self test software, as well as some communications “drivers”.

The third was General Motors “Factory of the Future 1”. This was actually a “pilot” project for robotic manufacturing of automobiles and components. While wholly accepted today, that we can do these complex things “in the dark”, in 1984, reality was a bit different.

Sometime in the mid 70’s I began to have the early ideas that I was not Terrestrial. While at first these thoughts were not an issue, they started to become one. I took the thoughts and issues to a psychiatrist; what I learned during those sessions scared me so much that I suppressed the thoughts and issues for several years. I returned to the periodic “doctor visits”, even received “therapy” from a then “famous institute”. While this may have allowed me to deal with being “alien”, it did not bring any real “knowledge” or understanding to the Issue; there was no resolution, no “closure”.

The early 90’s found me living north of Spokane, Wa on “my piece of forest” with my wife and “wolf pack”; I call these my “Grizzly Adams” days. During these “quiet” days (till 96) I had the opportunity to seriously “think” about “what” I was. I found a local psychologist to talk with, and felt I was reasonably set up to finally “resolve” this “thing”.

I had pretty much resolved the issue with the decision that; I would never have any sort of definitive proof. After all, all those years, and no doctor could offer any logical reason for the “thoughts” I’d been having. None ever tried to determine if I was even biologically “Human”. I did lean that my ”brain function” was exceptional, my intelligence; unchartable, but, none of that was any help. I still lacked the one thing that would provide “closure”.

In 1994 Mother (D’Arna-Shat) arrived and took a position some 100,000 kilometers above Earth. I was taken on board, and “talked” with my Mother at length. I was returned to Earth with only a few Vague memories. I discussed these “memories” with my psychologist. He tld me about research  he had participated in involving the difference between “dream” memory, and “real” memory; it involved some rather subtle distinctions in various “qualities” of the memory. Lacking any “reference” fo what he was talking about I laced the “data” in a sort of “sleep” mode. A few months later, I became “sick” with an inflamed gaul bladder; the result was surgery. This gave me the “reference” I needed to “resolve” the memory quality issue. During the recovery from the surgery, while “waking up” from the anesthesia, I had brief moments of consciousness, not unlike the “memories” from Mother’s ship, with one very important difference; the memories of the “recovery room” could and were verified. Realizing the opportunity I had, I set to meditating on the “data”. The results, reluctantly supported by my psychologist; the “memories” of Mother’s ship were in fact memories of “real” events. This was what I had searched for, for so many years.

The “big question” answered! Finally, true and lasting peace, or so I might have thought; no, it only raised other questions. Number one on that list: “Why?” I mean, for what reason was all this done? To answer that question would take “coming to terms” with the reality of being ET. So, “little Anthra” get to spend the next 10 years learning to “accept” this now virtually confirmed reality that is somewhat out of step with mainstream. This was further complicated by the dissolution of my marriage, being left “homeless” on the streets of Seattle when the one I loved left me for drugs. I crawled back to Spokane and picked up my Software Engineering career about where I left it;  since then I have designed and developed many ”high end” web based applications and other computer software.

Today (mid July 2012) I present this website; while it may not be one of my best “technological” creations, it does contain a lifetime of study in several areas, though mostly tending toward the metaphysical.

Oh, the answer to the new “number one” question; “Why am I here?”

To experience. Seriously, it appears that Terrestrials have something many others don’t. The knowledge I have gained through my study of “Magick” and the metaphysical seem, less heard of elsewhere. This doesn’t make much sense. It would seem, that especially “my people”, who are supposed to be “millions” of years more “advanced” than Terrestrials, “should” be much more advanced in all areas, yet, there seems to be one where Terrestrials have the advantage. Now, to be sure, “my people” are more advanced, they better be, we have been evolving for 235 million years, Terrestrials for 200,000 years.

That is where the curiosity is; “Why do Terrestrials learn so fast?”

But, all that being said; I was brought here to learn. What I have learned is in the “metaphysical” papers contained here on this site.


Anth’ Ra ` Andromda
Child of D’Arna-Shat


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