Extraterrestrial life;

something it seem that Terrestrials want to find, they even pretend to seek contact with extraterrestrial life forms. Yet it seems that when Extraterrestrials, aliens seek to make contact with Terrestrials, those that purport to be Extraterrestrial are suddenly deemed “delusional” or suffering from some “mental disorder”. While this can be the case, nothing in Nature demands it must be; it is entirely reasonable, logical, that Extraterrestrials life forms, aliens may desire to contact the people of the Earth, and attempt to do so in an awkward (to Terrestrials) manner.

Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

This assertion is a manifestation of the “17 Houses of Andromeda”; Tan Salmon Andromd, and Anthra~Andromda, a collection and society of peoples, a Civilization, in the Galaxy you call Andromeda, and an individual of Andromedan descent living on your Earth.

We are making the assertion that that Anthra Andromda is an Extraterrestrial, that he / we are an Alien species. Further that we provide a proof of extraterrestrial life and descent.

Our / My Proof is simple, yet extraordinary, although it may not be what is expected, or desired. The nature of the evidence One is able to present is quite limited by those who must view and understand. Currently our proof consists of DNA / genetic evidence, statistical data about that DNA, and Bayesian Inference that should stand as:

Proof of specific extraterrestrial life; that I, Anthra Andromda am Extraterrestrial
see DNA Evidence and Bayesian Inference.

The methods used in this proof are well proven and established in current Terrestrial science.

We further assert that there are other species of Extraterrestrial Life extant near earth, and provide our evidence. Showing that all species of "street myth" extraterrestrials, and aliens have a high probability of reality, albeit with much different overall properties. There are even some interesting synchronicities between current (circa 2013) television and real time / real world alien activities near Earth.

We take a closer look at one group of Extraterrestrials; the Sirian / Orion Alliance, their colonizing efforts 6000 – 8000 years ago, the disposition of the Sirian colonists and possible contamination of the Terrestrial Human Genome. We continue by examining the other alien groups; the Zeta Reticulans, Sigma Draconins, and others.

Examining the probabilities of extraterrestrial life existing (Drake equation) we learn that the probabilities of actual alien visitation is significantly less, but remains in line with current popular belief (street myth), thus indicating that much of the current material and evidence concerning UFOs, Aliens, and Extraterrestrials has a vastly greater probability of validity than previously expected., and answer Fermi in the bargain (Fermi Paradox).

Discussing topics in; philosophy, metaphysics and science Anthra shares what he has learned, and brings to light a few relevant technologies that may be of some benefit to the people of Earth.

The disclosure of local extraterrestrial activity near earth is the Andromedan contribution to truth and overall disclosure to the Humans of Earth.

Disclosing ourselves; Tan Salmon Andromd; 17 houses of Andromeda is our way of Prime (First) Contact with the People of the Earth. Governments, Business, academia, and individuals are encouraged to become involved in the most important event in the history of the Human Species.

Tan Salmon Andromd

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